Access to titles is given in a number of ways in serial records.  In addition to providing access to the title proper as recorded in field 245 , the serials cataloger often needs to provide access to other forms of the title proper in the form of variant titles which are given in field 246 .  When a serial has a separately titled section or is related to another work, a title added entry may be given in field 730 , 740 , 700 , 710 , or 711 , depending on the appropriate entry.

This module will discuss

Types of variant titles

Functions of field 246

Types of variant titles that are not useful

When to supply a date with variant titles

When to give an added entry for the title proper

When to give an added entry for a section or related work

Types of author/title added entries that are given and not given



Variations in title:  12.7B4

Parallel titles and other title information:  12.7B5

Minor title changes:  12.2C2b

Related works:  21.28

Added entries. Title:  21.30J1/LCRI 21.30J , 21.30J2

Analytical entries:  21.30M


Fields 246 , 500 , 700 , 710 , 711 , 730 , 740


Module 6.  Title Statement

Module 13.  Notes

Module 16.  Changes that May Require a New Record

Definitions of terms used in this module

Added title page:  A title page preceding or following the title page chosen as the basis for the description of the item.  It may be more general (e.g., a series title page), or equally general (e.g., a title page in another language).  (AACR2)

Added title page title:  A title appearing on a title page that has not been chosen as the chief source.  (CCM)

Alternative title:  The second part of a title proper that consists of two parts, each of which is a title; the parts are joined by or or its equivalent in another language (e.g., The tempest, or The enchanted island).  (AACR2)

Caption title:  A title given at the beginning of the first page of the text.  (AACR2)

Cover title:  A title printed on the cover of an item as issued.  (AACR2)

Distinctive title:  A title that appears in addition to the title proper, is unique to an issue, and is often related to the topic or theme of that issue.  (CCM)

Fluctuating title:  A title that changes back and forth on a regular or irregular basis.  (CCM)

Other title:  A title appearing on a source other than the chief source that is not the cover, spine, caption, added title page, or head/foot of each page.  (CCM)

Other title information:  A title borne by an item other than the title proper or parallel or series title(s); also any phrase appearing in conjunction with the title proper, etc., indicative of the character, contents, etc. of the item or the motives for, or occasion of, its production or publication.  The term includes subtitles, avant-titres, etc., but does not include variations on the title proper (e.g., spine titles, sleeve titles).  (AACR2)

Parallel title:  The title proper in another language and/or script.  (AACR2)

Running title:  A title or abbreviated title that is repeated at the head or foot of each page or leaf.  (AACR2)

Section:  A separately published part of a bibliographic resource, usually representing a particular subject category within the larger resource and identified by a designation that may be a topic, or an alphabetic or numeric designation, or a combination of these.  (AACR2)

Spine title:  A title appearing on the spine of an item.  (AACR2)

See also:

Module 7.  Variant Titles and Title Added Entries (Fields 246, 245 and 730/740/700-711)