Table of Contents:


1.   Added entries for titles in the context of a machine-readable catalog

2.   Controlled/uncontrolled

Data Constituting Title Added Entries/Means of Carrying Them in MARC Record

1.   Title added entry derived from 245 field

2.   Title added entry derived from 246 field

3.   Title added entry recorded in 740 field

Basic Guideline for Making Title Added Entries for Titles Proper

Guidelines for Making Title Added Entries for Permutations Related to Titles Proper

1.   General

2.   Alternate forms

a.   Abbreviations

b.   Ampersand

c.   Letters and initialisms (including acronyms)

1)   With separating punctuation

2)   Without spacing or separating punctuation

d.   Numbers

1)   Arabic numbers (excluding dates)

2)  Dates

a)   Dates representing a single year or span of years

b)   Other dates

3)   Roman numerals (excluding dates)

4)   Spelled-out form

e.   Signs and symbols

f.    Other

3.   Alternative titles

4.   Corrected titles proper

a.   Titles of monographs corrected by "[i.e. ...]" and "[sic]" or by bracketing missing letters

b.   Titles of serials and integrating resources

5.   Items with a collective title

6.   Items without a collective title

7.   Portion of title proper

a.   Alternative title

b.   Part or designation of part

c.   Partial title

d.   Statement of responsibility

8.   Introductory words to title proper

9.   Uniform title

Items Without Collective Title

1.   Change in AACR2/content designation

2.   Title access to independent titles

3.   Title access to 245 title string

4.   Models illustrating title access

Guidelines for Making Title Added Entries for Other Titles Borne by an Item

1.   246 indicators

2.   Scope

a.   General guideline

b.   Source vs. type

3.   Alternative forms

4.   Accompanying material

5.   Added title page title

6.   At head of title

7.   Binder's title

8.   Caption title

9.   Colophon title

10.  Corrected titles other than title proper

a.   Titles of monographs corrected by "[i.e. ...]" and "[sic]"

b.   Titles of monographs with missing letters

c.   Titles of serials and integrating resources

11.  Cover title

12.  Distinctive title

13.  Half title

14.  No title added entry derived from varying form of title data recorded

15.  Other title

16.  Other title information from 245

a.   General

b.   Acronym/initialism of full form of title proper of a serial or an integrating resource

17.  Parallel titles

a.   Parallel title from 245

b.   Parallel title from other than 245

1)  Indicate source by indicator

2)  Indicate source by $i subfield

18.  Running title

19.  Spine title

20.  Other source

Title Changes Related to Subsequent Editions of Monographs

Title Change for Parts of a Multipart Item

Minor Change in Title of a Serial

Title Added Entries for Integrating Resources

1.   Titles proper

2.   Other title information and titles other than the title proper

Title Added Entries for Electronic Serials That Don't Retain Earlier Titles

See also:

21.30.  Specific Rules (Added Entries)