1. Title proper. When the title proper on the latest iteration (e.g., on replacement title page of an updating loose-leaf, on updated Web site) differs from the earlier title proper, give the later title proper in the 245 field ; give an added entry for the earlier title proper in a 247 field . See LCRI 12.7A2 for the content of the 247 field.

2. Other title information and titles other than the title proper. When other title information or a title other than the title proper has been added, changed, or deleted on the latest iteration and it is considered important to make a note, give the other title information or the title in a 246 field and explain the situation in subfield $i . See LCRI 12.7B4.1, LCRI 12.7B5.2, and LCRI 12.7B6.2.

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21.30J.  Titles