When a serial ceases to be published or when a change in title or corporate body main entry causes a new record to be made, the record is "closed off."  As with the first issue, the numbering of the last issue is given in a formatted 362 field only when it is in hand (AACR2 12.3F1).  The numbering for the last issue may be given in a formatted note, even when the numbering of the first issue is not.  If the last issue is not in hand but information concerning it is known, an unformatted 362 field may be given.

Recording the last issue:

 Last issue in hand; formatted 362 in record:

362  0#  $aFall 1981-spring 1989.

 Last issue in hand; "Description based on" note in record:

362 0#  $a-v. 16, no. 3 (Oct. 1989).

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 8, no. 4 (June 1981).

 Last issue not in hand but information is known:

362  0#  $a1977-

362  1#  $aCeased with 1988 issue.

 Year of last issue known, but not exact issue:

362  1#  $aCeased in 1987.

500  ##  $aDescription based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 1978).

Closing off a record may also involve making changes to the publication status code ( 008/06 ), dates in the fixed field (008/7-14), the publication date (260 $c), and the extent of item (300 $a).  See Module 21 for further information about closing off records.

When adding the final numbering to a formatted 362 field, remove the "Latest issue consulted" note if present in the record.

See also:

Module 8.  Numbering (Fields 362, 500)