c    Currently published status

d    Dead status

u    Unknown status


The publication status code indicates whether the serial is currently being published.  The publication status is determined by knowledge of whether the publication is still being issued (regardless of whether the cataloging library still receives it).

Code a regular-print reprint or a reproduction microform based on the status of the original publication.  The publication status of a reproduction may be given in field 539.  [NOTE:  Prior to 1992, records were coded for the reprint or reproduction and should be recorded as encountered.]


Code definitions

c    Currently published status.

Use when an issue has been published within the last three calendar years.  For example, during 1994, consider years 1992, 1993, and 1994 as the last three years.

d    Dead status.

Use only when the publication is known to have ceased or has been continued by a different entry.  Use this code for the "dead" record whenever a change in author or title requires that a successive entry record be created.

u    Unknown status.

Use when there is no evidence that the serial has been published within the last three calendar years, and there is no clear indication that the serial has ceased.

Related fields, etc.

008/07-14, 362, 539, 785, 936

008/06  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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