First and Second indicators:

#  Undefined


a  Type of date/Publication status (NR)

b  Date 1/Beginning date of publication (NR)

c  Date 2/Ending date of publication (NR)

d  Place of publication, production, or execution (NR)

e  Frequency (NR)

f   Regularity (NR)

g  Form of item (NR)


Field 539 is used in OCLC records for reproductions in conjunction with field 533.  Field 539 contains codes that describe the attributes of the reproduction while the 008 Fixed-Length Data Elements field in these records describes the attributes of the original.

Field 539 is input as a character string (similar to field 007) following field 533.  Codes used in field 539 are those used in the corresponding 008 Fixed-Length Data Elements field.

533 ## Microfilm. $m 1902-1937:[Gaps] $b Cambridge, Mass. : $c Harvard University Library Reprographic Service, $d 1991. $e 7 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

539 ## d $b 1902 $c 1937 $d mau $e u $f u $g a

533 ## Microfilm. $b Ann Arbor, Mich. : $c University Microfilms International, $d 1991- $e microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

539 ## c $b 19uu $c 9999 $d miu $e u $f u $g a

For further examples, see field 533 $m.


$a  Type of date/Publication status.

Subfield $a contains a one-character alphabetic code that indicates the publication status of the reproduction.  Codes given are those defined in field 008/06 (Publication status).

$b  Date 1/Beginning date of publication.

$c  Date 2/Ending date of publication.

Subfields $b and $c contain the coverage dates of the reproduction.  The dates given generally relate to those given in subfield $m in field 533, when present.  If subfield $m is not given and it is unknown with which issue the microform begins or ends, use 19uu, 1uuu, etc., as appropriate.  Do not give the dates of filming (533 $d).  When supplying dates in subfields $b and $c, follow guidelines given in field 008/7-14.

$d  Place of publication, production, or execution.

Subfield $d contains a two- or three- character code that represents the place of publication, production, or execution of the reproduction.  The code given relates to the place given in field 533 $b.  In coding this subfield, the guidelines given in field 008/15-17 are followed.

$e  Frequency.

$f   Regularity.

Subfields $e and $f each contain one-character codes that indicate the frequency and regularity of the reproduction.  Codes given in these subfields are those found in field 008/18-19.  For microform reproductions that have no specific frequency or regularity, use code "u" in both subfields.

$g  Form of item.

Subfield $g contains a one-character code that specifies the form of material for the reproduction in hand (e.g., "a" for microfilm).  Codes given are those defined in field 008/23 (Form of item).  When field 539 is input, the same code will be given in both 008/23 and 539 $g.


Field 539 is used for data entry in lieu of the MARC 21-defined subfield $7 in field 533.

The field was defined by OCLC for ease of input.  Field 539 is output as field 533 $7.

Related fields, etc.

008/06, 008/7-14, 008/15-17, 008/18-19, 008/23, 533, Appendix M

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