The place of publication, production, or execution is a two or three character code assigned from the MARC Code List for Countries.

The place of publication code reflects the information from the latest piece cataloged at the time of initial input.  If the record is updated at a later time and the place has changed, the place of publication code should be updated when the change is mentioned in a note.

Because AACR2 cataloging is based on the earliest issue, the country code may not necessarily reflect the place found in field 260 subfield $a.


Editing instructions

1.   Use a two-character code for places other than the U.S., Canada, or the United Kingdom.  Input the code in the first two character positions. Leave the third character position blank.

Algeria = ae#

France = fr#

2.   If the serial is published in the U.S., Canada, or the United Kingdom use a three-character code.  The first two characters represent the state, province, or other subdivision, and the third character represents the larger entity.

California, U.S. = cau

New Brunswick, Canada - nkc

Northern Ireland = nik

3.   When a serial is known to be published in the U.S., Canada, or the United Kingdom but the exact place is unknown, code the first two characters as "xx"; code the third character for the country (e.g., "xxu", "xxc", etc.).

4.   When the place is totally unknown, code as "xx#".

CTRY:  xx#

260 ## S.l. :

5.   When a serial is published in more than one place, code for the first place of publication.

CTRY:  enk

260 ## London ; $a New York :

6.   When coding former names of countries, code according to the present geographic boundaries.

7.   Use code "gw" for all works published in Germany, regardless of the date of publication.  For countries of the former Soviet Union, use the 2 digit code applying to the country without "r" (e.g., Russia "ru", Ukraine "un").

8.   When coding a regular-print reprint, code for the place of publication of the reprint.

9.   When coding a reproduction microform, code for the place of publication of the original publication.  [NOTE:  This is a change in practice; prior to 1992, records were coded for the reproduction and should be recoded as encountered.  The country of publication code for the reproduction may be given in field 539.]

Related fields, etc.

260, 539, 936

008/15-17  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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