9.1.1.  Uses of the word "edition" on serials

In addition to the definitions of "edition" in the glossary of AACR2, which are limited to copies made from essentially the same type, image, production, or master copy, "edition" has other meanings. The word is commonly used for publications issued in a progression of "editions," such as 1st ed., 2nd ed., 3rd ed.; of Revised ed., Revised and enlarged ed., and so forth. If the word "edition" is accompanied by a number or date, such as 23rd annual edition, or the 1990 edition, the result is a series of revisions of the same publication which may be treated as a monograph or a serial, depending on the frequency of the revisions. If treated as a serial, the edition statements constitute the numeric/ chronological designation (area 3, 362/500). (see also Modules 2, 8).

"Edition" may also refer to separate serial publications which are usually issued simultaneously but for different audiences in which case the word "edition" and its accompanying words are recorded as the edition statement (field 250; area 2). The edition statement is appropriate for a serial only when it represents all issues of a serial.

Types of Serial Editions:

Special interest edition

Geographic edition

Special format edition

9.1.2.  Definition and sources

A serial edition may generally be defined as:

a serial that is complete in itself, that is issued simultaneously with other editions of the serial, that usually has the same title (or the same title in a different language) as the other editions,and that is intended for a specific audience which differs with each edition.

A serial edition statement generally consists of one or more words rather than numbers (e.g., Midwest ed. rather than 2nd ed.). Numbered edition statements are not usually considered to be serial edition statements because they apply only to one issue.

The edition statement may be taken from anywhere in the piece but is recorded in brackets when it does not appear on the chief source, preliminaries, or colophon (AACR2 12.0B1). In certain circumstances, the edition statement may also be supplied in brackets when it does not appear on the piece (AACR2 1.2B4/LCRI; see CCM 9.2.4.).

9.1.3.  Types of serial editions

Serials issued in editions usually consist of:

Geographic editions (e.g., Northwest ed., California ed.)

Special format editions (e.g., Braille ed., Large print ed.)

Language editions (French ed., English ed.)

Special interest editions (IBM ed., Apple ed., Office ed., Hospital ed.)

Different frequency editions (Annual ed., Monthly ed.)

and less frequently:

Reprint editions.

See also:

Module 9.  Edition Statement (field 250)