##    Projection not specified

au    Azimuthal, specific type unknown

az    Azimuthal, other

bd    Mercator

bh    Transverse Mercator

cc    Lambert's conformal conic

cp    Polyconic

zz    Other


The projection code is a two-character alphabetic code that indicates the projection used in producing the item.  This information is also reflected in the 255 field, subfield $b, statement of projection.


Code definitions

Specifically named projections are not described in this document.  The presence of the name of the projection on the item identifies the appropriate code for 008/22-23.  Cartographic reference sources may be consulted for a more detailed explanation of specific projections.

au  Azimuthal, specific type unknown.

Use code "au" to indicate that only the projection type (azimuthal) is known, not the specific projection.

az  Azimuthal, other.

Use code "az" for an azimuthal projection for which none of the other codes are appropriate.

##  Projection not specified.

Use code "##" if no projection is specified on the item.

zz  Other.

Use code "zz" for a projection for which none of the other defined codes are appropriate.

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008/22-23  006/05-06  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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