a    Numeric data

b    Computer program

c    Representational

d    Document

e    Bibliographic data

f     Font

g    Games

h    Sound

i     Interactive multimedia

j     Online system or service

m   Combination

u    Unknown

z    Other


The type of computer file code is a one-character alphabetic code that indicates the type of file being described.  This information is also described in textual form in field 516, "type of file or data" note.


Code definitions

a    Numeric data.

Input code "a" when a file contains mostly numbers or representation by numbers, such as records containing all information on student test scores, all information on football team statistics, etc.  The information may be original surveys and/or information that has been summarized or statistically manipulated.

008/26  a

516 ## Numeric (summary statistics)

b    Computer program.

Input code "b" when a file contains an ordered set of instructions directing the computer to perform basic operations and identifying the information and mechanisms required.  This category includes videogames and microcomputer software and computer models.  Some types of computer programs (e.g., game, font) are identified by separate codes in this character position.

008/26  b

516 ## Computer programs

c    Representational.

Input code "c" when a file contains pictorial or graphic information that can be manipulated in conjunction with other types of files to produce graphic patterns that can be used to interpret and give meaning to the information.  It does not include a document in image format.

008/26  c

516 ## Graphic data (architectural drawings)

d    Document.

Input code "d" when a file that is textual contains mostly alphabetic information (words or sentences) converted into a coded format that can be processed, sorted, and manipulated by machine, and then retrieved in many optional formats.  This category includes language material intended to constitute a textual document, whether represented as ASCII or image data.  It includes both single bibliographic entities and collections of bibliographic entities.  Documents whose primary purpose is textual, even if search software is present, are coded here.

008/26  d

516 ## Text (law reports and digests)

008/26  d

516 8# Electronic serial in ASCII and HTML formats

e    Bibliographic data.

Input code "e" when the file consists of data with bibliographic citations.  This includes data from library catalogs or citation databases.  The data may be in a structured or unstructured form.  Search software may be present, but the purpose of the record is description of the content of the bibliographic data or database, rather than description of the online system or service.

f     Font.

Use code "f" to indicate that a file contains information for a computer to produce fonts.

g    Game.

Input code "g" if the computer file is a game for recreational or educational use.  Generally games consist of text and software.  A videogame is included here.

008/26  g

516 ## Computer game

h    Sound.

Use code "h" to indicate that the file consists of data encoding sounds producible by the computer.

i     Interactive multimedia.

Input code "i" for serials described by the record to support navigation through and manipulation of many kinds of media (i.e., audio, video, etc.).  Interactive multimedia usually gives the user a high level of control, often allowing almost conversational interaction with the computer and data.

j     Online system or service.

Code "j" indicates that the record is for an online system or service and may contain nonbibliographic information.  An online system or service supports system-based user interaction.  If the focus of the record is to describe the system itself, with the content of the databases contained within incidental, code it here.  If the resource is an online file where the system is incidental to the description, it falls into another category.  Examples of these are:  online library systems (consisting of a variety of databases), FTP sites, electronic bulletin boards, network information centers.

008/26  j

516 ## Campus-wide information system

[Monographic example.]

m   Combination.

Input code "m" when the item is a combination of two or more of the above types of files.

008/26  m

516 ## Computer programs and text files

u    Unknown.

Input code "u" when the type of file is unknown.

z    Other.

Input code "z" when none of the other codes are appropriate.

008/26  z

516 ## Audio data (digital audio file).

Related fields, etc.

Leader/06 (Type of record), 516

008/26  006/09  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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