The LANGUAGE CODE indicates the language of the text.  Codes are assigned from the MARC Code List for Languages.  Three fill characters ("|||") may also be used if no attempt is made to code 008/35-37.  The "text" of a publication refers to the principal work or works included within the publication, excluding the preface, introduction, foreword, etc., as well as the appendices.


Editing instructions

1.   For publications in one language, assign the appropriate three letter code from the list.

245 00 Rentabilidad bruta del inversionista en bolsa. $p Bonos del tesoro.

LANG:  spa

2.   For publications containing multiple languages, assign the code for the predominant language.  In these cases fields 041 and 546 are used to list the languages, respectively, in coded and note form.

041 0# rus $a eng

546 ## Chiefly in Russian; some also in English.

LANG:  rus

If the predominance is not readily apparent, or each language is represented equally, input the code of the language that is first in alphabetical order.

041 0# ger $a rus

546 ## German and Russian.

LANG:  ger

041 0# eng $a spa

546 ## Text in English and Spanish.

LANG:  eng

Exception:  For Canadian bilingual publications cataloged in the French language, identified by the prefix "cf" in field 010, LAC inputs code "fre" rather than "eng" in this fixed field element.

Code "mul" can be used to indicate that the item is multilingual with no predominant language.  If the 008/35 is coded "mul," the 041 field can be coded with the first language used in the serial and then code "mul."  Alternatively, any number of languages can be listed in repeated subfield $a.

245 00 Jugoslovenska privreda.

041 0# scr $a mul

546 ## Serbo-Croation (roman), English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Russian, and Slovenian.

LANG:  mul

3.   Multiple language codes are input in field 041.  The code input in the fixed field should always be the same as the first code input in field 041.

041 0# fre $a ger $a spa $b eng

546 ## In French, German, and Spanish; summaries in English.

LANG:  fre

4.   When cataloging a translation, code for the language of the translation, not the language of the original.  (The code for the language of the original is given in field 041.)

English translation of a German serial.

041 1# eng $h ger

LANG:  eng

5.   Use code "und" for languages that cannot be determined.

6.   Use code "###" when a serial has no sung, spoken, or textual content.

Related fields, etc.

041, 546

008/35-37  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

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