The CONSER Standard Record (CSR) is a combination of RDA "Core," RDA "Core if," "PCC Core," and "PCC Recommended" elements applicable to textual serials in various formats.  Specific instructions have been included where appropriate for describing rare serials.  Instructions in the RDA CSR should be read in conjunction with the LC-PCC Policy Statements (LC-PCC PSs) that are integrated into the RDA Toolkit.  When describing online resources, catalogers should also consult the PCC RDA Provider-Neutral guidelines.  Modules of the CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM) should be consulted for specialized formats such as Module 30 for direct access computer file serials, Module 31 for online serials, Module 32 for microform serials,  Module 33 for newspapers, Module 34 for legal serials and Module 35 for integrating resources.

The creation of CSR level records is encouraged, as resources permit.

Minimal Level Records

CONSER records with the Leader 17 Encoding level 7 identify CONSER minimal level records.  This level indicates a record containing all elements specified as mandatory for minimal level cataloging in the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.  The salient feature of records with encoding level 7 is that subject headings are not likely to be present.  Minimal level records are generally limited to specific groups of serials that don't warrant higher level analysis.

Descriptive elements are included according to the CONSER Standard Record, RDA, and the LC-PCC Policy Statements.

Name headings are checked in the NAF.  If present, the authorized heading is used.  If not present, the heading is constructed according to RDA, but an authority record need not be submitted to the NAF.  Series headings are checked in the NAF.  If present, the authorized heading is used.  If not present, the series is coded as 490 0 (series not traced).  Field 042 is coded as "pcc" or "msc", as appropriate (see field 042).  (For LC series policy, see footnote.)

Subject headings are not required in new records.  In adapted records, subject headings may be left as found.

Classification is not required.

The primary difference between CONSER Standard Record and minimal is that name authority work and subject analysis are not required for minimal level records.  The same principle that applies to CONSER Standard Records also applies to minimal, that once a field is determined to be applicable, the contents are given according to RDA and the LC-PCC Policy Statements.

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