CONSER members may consolidate or separate any sets of records regardless of whether the records are authenticated or unauthenticated (unless one or more has been authenticated by NLC or ISDS/C). Members do not delete records that are not selected to be retained, however. If all of the records are unauthenticated, the CONSER cataloger notifies OCLC to delete the record(s). If one or more of the records to be deleted is authenticated, the cataloger notifies LC which handles the deletion of the record(s) from the LC and OCLC databases.

NLC or ISSN Canada authenticated records:

CONSER members may not consolidate records authenticated by NLC or ISSN Canada. NLC will not consolidate records in order to apply current rules and rule interpretations which were not in effect at the time of the original cataloging. For more information, see C12.4.2.

NSDP authenticated records for which there is more than one ISSN:

Because of the importance of the ISSN, which is printed on serials and used for control in many files, LC generally will not consolidate records that have more than one NSDP validated ISSN. CONSER members must consult first with NSDP before consolidating records with valid ISSNs, to know if NSDP is willing to cancel one or more ISSN and to find out which ISSN to keep. To expedite processing, notify NSDP via fax.

CONSER authenticated records:

All work to amend the records may be done by the CONSER member but cancellation of records must be done by LC to clear the records from the LC database, as well as the distributed CONSER file. See C8.2.4.

LC cataloged records:

Records that have been given full level or minimal level cataloging by LC catalogers may also be consolidated by CONSER members; however, LC requires additional information so that the cataloging can be verified and internal files maintained. LC must cancel the superseded records. See C8.2.5.

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