The 1994 edition of the CEG contains only those fields relevant to cataloging practice for continuing resources (FN).  With format integration, all fields are defined for continuing resources, regardless of their applicability.  Fields that are defined by the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (MARC 21 Bibliographic) but considered not applicable for serials are included in Appendix A.  As with the previous edition of the CEG, once a field is included, all content designation for that field is listed.  Elements within the field that are not applicable to continuing resources have been so designated.

Part II of the CEG is organized on a field-by-field basis with each field separately paged.  This form of paging facilitates future updating of fields.  It also allows users to arrange fields in the order best suited to them.  For example, elements of the fixed field may be arranged in numerical order (008/29, 008/30, etc.), alphabetic order by name of element, or terminal display order.  Note while variable length fields may also be rearranged within the CEG, these fields are, in most cases, input in numerical order.

Each field consists of two parts:  1) the code list portion that gives the MFBD-defined content designators with their respective repeatability codes, and 2) the description of data elements and instructions for their use in current cataloging.

To reduce repetition, general instructions are provided for major categories, e.g., Fixed Length Fields, Headings, Series, Notes, Subject Headings, Linking Entry Fields, and Canadian Local Fields.  General instructions provide information common to all or most of the fields in each category.  Specific instructions and examples pertaining to each field are given with that field.

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