2D1.    Give the name of the publisher, etc., following the place(s) to which it relates.  Transcribe the name of publisher, etc., in full form and grammatical case (with associated words and phrases) in which it appears in the source.


2D2.    When there is more than one statement relating to publishers, etc., generally record them all in the order in which they appear or according to the typography and layout.  Separate the parts of a complex publisher statement only if they are presented separately on the material (i.e., not linked by connecting words or phrases).


2D3.    Qualifications, such as "printer to the King," are generally omitted.  Insignificant information in the middle or at the end of the publisher statement may be omitted.  Addresses are also generally omitted unless they aid in identifying the material.  Indicate all omissions by the mark of omission.  (However, see 2F2.)


2D4.    Transcribe a place of publication appearing in the text of the publisher statement as part of the publisher statement, but also record it in square brackets as the first element of the publication area (see 2C7).

2D5.    When, in cataloging a collection of published items having a series title and the same publisher, the name or form of name of the publisher is found to change in the course of publication, give the publisher statement of the later part(s) in a note (see also 2C6).

2D6.    When only the address, district, or sign of the publisher is given in the source of information, record the name of the publisher in square brackets, if known, either before or after the address or sign, as appropriate.  If necessary, give the source of this information in a note.

2D7.    Enclose the name of the publisher in square brackets if it is inferred from a device, even if the device includes the publisher’s initials or spelled-out name.  Give a note to support the inference and cite a source of verification, if necessary.

2D8.    When no name, address, or device of publisher appears in the source, supply the name of the publisher in square brackets, if known.  When the responsibility of a publisher for a particular item is uncertain or speculative, either add a question mark to any supplied name or give the information in a note.  Give supporting evidence in a note, if necessary.

2D9.    Publisher Unknown

When no name can be given as that of the publisher, supply the abbreviation "s.n." ( sine nomine) in square brackets.  Do not capitalize the "s" of "s.n."


2D10.  When the name of the publisher appears in more than one language or script, give the statement in the language or script of the title proper, or if this criterion does not apply, give the statement that appears first.  Give parallel statements in a note, if desirable.

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