R___1 advice [graphic] / Lewis Marks, del. -- [London] : Pubd. by T. Tegg III, Cheapside, June 6, 1814.

1 print : etching, with watercolor ; image 25 x 36 cm., on sheet 26 x 37 cm.

Plate mark indistinguishable.

References: Catalogue of political and personal satires / British Museum (BMC, 12278)

Subject: British cartoon published to coincide with the arrival of the allied sovereigns, when the Regent’s enemies exploited his relations with his wife. Shows Queen Charlotte as an ugly old woman enthroned on dias; Regent (George, Prince of Wales, later George IV) wearing turban-cornet surmounted by feathers.

In upper right margin: 333.

Purchase from Maggs Bros., 1913.

June 6, 1814:  The option has been taken to record month and day as they appear on the item (2F1).

etching, with watercolor:  Other physical details give the printing process and an indication of color (3C3.1).

25 x 36 cm.:  Although this is an intaglio print, the image rather than the plate mark has been measured; a note explains why (5B9.1).

Subject:  A short explanation of the subject is given; the British Museum Catalogue can be consulted for further information.

333:  A number implying a series is given (5B11).

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