John C. Heenan, the champion of America / photo. by Meade Bros. ; L. Grozelier’s Lith. -- New York : Published by W. Schaus, c1860 ([Boston] : Printed at J. H. Bufford’s)

1 print on chine colle : lithograph ; image and text 41 x 29 cm., on sheet 58 x 43 cm.

Signed in medium: Ld. Grozlier.

Subject: Head-and-shoulders portrait of John Carmel Heenan, boxer.

Copyright deposit, 1860.

John C. Heenan, champion of America, born in West Troy, New York, May 2, 1835 ... / from photograph in attitude taken by Gillis & Johnson. -- N[ew] Y[ork] : H. Dexter & Co., c1860.

1 print : lithograph ; image and text 43 x 30 cm., on sheet 61 x 49 cm.

Title continues: ... height 6 ft. 1 1/2 inch, fighting weight from 180 to 185 lbs.

Subject: Full-length portrait of John Carmel Heenan, in boxing stance.

Copyright deposit of William Carland, 1860.

photo. by Meade Bros.:  Multiple statements of responsibility are transcribed as they appear on the item, even though it is actually Leopold Grozelier who made the image.

J. H. Bufford’s:  The printer, appearing separately on the print, is recorded in addition to the publisher (2B2).

on chine colle:  The primary support is given because it aids in identifying this particular print (3B6.3).

Signed in medium:  The signature, not in the body of the entry where printed information has been recorded, is given in a note (5B7.1).

from photograph:  The second example here is also a print made after a photoprint, but the printmaker is unknown; the statement of responsibility on the item is recorded, but it the main entry will be H. Dexter & Co.

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