The Famous Rahl & Bradley living bronze statues. -- New York : Knowlton, c1895.

16 photographic prints on cabinet cards : sepia toned ; 17 x 11 cm.

On each image there is surface abrasion, lower right, on base of statue’s pedestal, as though printing (?) had been obliterated on purpose.

Subject: Humans posing as bronze statues of mythological and classical figures.

Copyright deposit, c1895.

17 x 11 cm.:  Only the dimensions of the mount are given (3D3.4).

surface abrasion:  A physical condition, which mars the items, is described (5B9.1).

Single item from the collection described above:

Orpheus and Euridice. -- New York : Knowlton, c1895.

1 photographic print on cabinet card : sepia toned ; 17 x 11 cm. -- ( The famous Rahl & Bradley living bronze statues)

Subject: Man and woman posing as bronze statues on pedestal.

In Lot 11805.

Orpheus and Euridice:  The title proper of the item within a series is given.

The famous Rahl & Bradley living bronze statues:  Series title is given (and traced) so as to relate the item to the rest (4B1).

In Lot 11805:  Relationship note for item analysis (5B21).

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