The 1XX heading in an untraced name reference record (like this one from a meeting name) is not traced in a 4XX field in any established heading record.  The name in this example did not qualify as a legitimate cross reference to the heading for the conference.  Similar records are often needed from a particle of personal names (e.g., De la ... ) or initial parts of corporate names (e.g., Royal ... ) that would otherwise never qualify as cross references alone.

The coding of the 008 field must be done with care.  Many common codes change for reference records, particularly character positions 14, 15, 16, and 29.  General Explanatory Reference records for names may not contain 4XX and 5XX fields.  Explanatory notes are given in the 666 field.

LDR       * * * * *nz###22* * * * *n##4500

001       <control number>

003       <control number identifier>

005       19790519201750.0


010  ##  $aex#79373119#

040  ##  $a<organization code>$c<organization code>

111  2#  $aPuebla

666  ##  $aName used to refer to the 3rd Conferencia General del Episcopado Latinoamericano, held in Puebla, Mexico in 1979. Since this particular conference has come to be so well known books often refer to it simply as "Puebla", "Puebla '79", or "Puebla conference".

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