Character position definition and scope:

A one-character alphabetic code that indicates whether the 1XX field contains an established heading that conforms to subject heading system/thesaurus conventions and, therefore, is appropriate for use as a 6XX subject access entry in bibliographic records.  The fill character ( | ) is used when no attempt has been made to code this 008 position.

National Level Requirement for character position 008/15:  Mandatory; for codes below:  Mandatory if applicable.

Guidelines for applying content designators:






Not appropriate


No attempt to code

LC Guidelines:

 008/15  Heading use - subject added entry

DCM Z1 Instructions:

 008/15  Heading use - subject added entry

Related MARC field or document:

008/11  Subject heading system/thesaurus

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data:

6XX  Subject Access Fields

For information on other 008 character positions, see:

008  Fixed-Length Data Elements

See also:

Variable Control Fields