DCM Z1:  024  Other Standard Identifier


LC/PCC catalogers are encouraged to add standard identifiers in field 024 if these are readily available.

When adding the 024, set indicator 1 to 7 and add a subfield $2 with the appropriate Standard Identifier Source Code for the identifier.

Input the number in the structure as determined by the agency formulating it.


024  7#  $a 8462832856536435 $2 isni

[Number may display as:  8462 8328 5653 6435]


LC/PCC catalogers are not required to maintain identifiers coded in the 024 field of NACO authority records.  When an 024 identifier (e.g., ISNI, ORCID) is present in a personal name record that is being reported for deletion (for example, in the case of a duplicate), LC/PCC catalogers should transfer the identifier to the record that is to be retained.  When two personal name authority records are being collapsed into one, and each record has its own identifier, LC/PCC catalogers should include both identifiers (in separate 024 fields) in the updated record.

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