The DCM Z1 instructions address the creation and update of name and series authority records (NARs and SARs).  Use them in connection with RDA: Resource Description and Access, Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS), and other sections of the Descriptive Cataloging Manual (DCM).  These instructions supplement the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data and generally do not repeat information found in the format.

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Name authority records (NARs)

Series authority records (SARs)

Justification of access points and elements

Additions and changes to authority records

NACO normalization

Should an SAR be made?

How many SARs should be made?

Series Statement appears only on ECIP data view at galley stage

Searching series

OCLC Leader/Fixed Field Conversion Table

MARC 21 Fields Used in Serial Records

Fields which may affect series heading or treatment

Fields showing variant and changed titles

008/10  Descriptive cataloging rules

008/11  Subject heading system/thesaurus

008/15  Heading use - subject added entry

008/32  Undifferentiated personal name

008/33  Level of establishment

008/39  Cataloging source

010  Library of Congress Control Number

016  National Bibliographic Agency Control Number

022  International Standard Serial Number

024  Other Standard Identifier

034  Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data

035  System Control Number

040  Cataloging Source

042  Authentication Code

046  Special Coded Dates

050  Library of Congress Call Number

053  LC Classification Number

065  Other Classification Number

X00  Personal Names  First Indicator  Value for Surnames

1XX  Headings

100  Heading - Personal Name

336  Content Type

368  Other Attributes of Person or Corporate Body

370  Associated Place

371  Address

372  Field of Activity

373  Associated Group

374  Occupation

375  Gender

376  Family Information

377  Associated Language

378  Fuller Form of Personal Name

380  Form of Work

381  Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression

382  Medium of Performance

383  Numeric Designation of Musical Work

384  Key

385  Audience Characteristics

386  Creator/Contributor Characteristics

388  Time Period of Creation

4XX  See From Tracings  [General Information]

5XX  See Also From Tracings  [General Information]

500  See Also From Tracing - Personal Name

510  See Also From Tracing - Corporate Name

511  See Also From Tracing - Meeting Name

530  See Also From Tracing - Uniform Title

551  See Also From Tracing - Geographic Name

64X  Series Treatment  [General Information]

640  Series Dates of Publication and/or Sequential Designation

642  Series Numbering Example

643  Series Place and Publisher/Issuing Body

644  Series Analysis Practice

645  Series Tracing Practice

646  Series Classification Practice

663  Complex See Also Reference - Name

667  Nonpublic General Note

670  Source Data Found

672  Title Related to the Entity

673  Title Not Related to the Entity

675  Source Data Not Found

678  Biographical or Historical Data

7XX  Heading Linking Entries  [General Information]

781  Subdivision Linking Entry - Geographic Subdivision

952  Cataloger's Permanent Record

953  Local Staff Codes

958  Note - Confidential Information

985  Record History

Appendix 1:  Ambiguous Entities

1.  Introduction

2.  Group 1 - Name Authority Group

3.  Group 2 - Subject Authority Group


Appendix for LC Staff is not included.

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