DCM Z1:  781  Subdivision Linking Entry - Geographic Subdivision

LC/PCC optional practice:

For a geographic name heading that may also be used as a geographic subdivision, determine the form in which the heading is to be used as a geographic subdivision following the guidelines in instruction sheet H 830 of the Subject Headings Manual.  Enter the text of the geographic subdivision form in a 781 field with second indicator 0.  For a geographic heading  that is used directly, such as a country, enter the data in a single $z subfield.  For a geographic heading that is used indirectly through a larger geographic entity, such as a city, enter the data in two successive $z subfields.  Use no other subfields.  Make no changes to values in bytes of the 008.


151  ##  $a France

781  #0  $z France

151  ##  $a Paris (France)

781  #0  $z France $z Paris

151  ##  $a Lycia

781  #0  $z Turkey $z Lycia

151  ##  $a Sydney (N.S.W.)

781  #0  $z Australia $z Sydney (N.S.W.)

151  ##  $a Valencia (Spain : Region)

781  #0  $z Spain $z Valencia (Region)

Do not add a 781 field to a record for a geographic name heading that is not appropriate for use as a subject added entry (008/15 value "b"), such as the earlier name of a jurisdiction that has undergone a linear name change, for example, Ceylon.

Do not add a 781 field to a NAR for a place name that is not appropriate for use as a geographic subdivision, such as a city section, for example, North End (Boston, Mass.).

Follow these guidelines for newly-created authority records.  Add a 781 field to an  existing record when making any other change to it.  If revising an existing record that contains a 667 field subject cataloging usage note indicating the proper geographic subdivision form, delete the 667 field and replace it with a 781 field.

LC subject catalogers may optionally send a message to PSD policy@loc.gov and ask to have the NAR updated.

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