DCM Z1:  368  Other Attributes of Person or Corporate Body


Prefer controlled vocabulary for terms in subfields $a, $b and $c, recording the source in subfield $2.  For consistency, capitalize the first term in each subfield $a, $b and $c.


110  2#  $a Freer Gallery of Art

368  ##  $a Art museums (institutions) $2 aat

151  ##  $a France

368  ##  $b Countries (sovereign states) $2 aat

100  0#  $a Joan, $c of Arc, Saint, $d 1412-1431

368  ##  $c Saints $2 lcsh

100  0#  $a Palamedes $c (Arthurian legendary character)

368  ##  $c Arthurian legendary character

110  2#  $a Indiana (Battleship : BB-50)

368  ##  $a Battleships $2 lcsh

368  ##  $c BB-50

Do not record professions or occupations in subfield $c (Other designation).  Profession or occupation may be recorded in field 374.

Record titles of royalty, nobility or religious rank (RDA– in subfield $d in the form used in the authorized or variant access points.


100  0#  $a Alexander $b VI, $c Pope, $d 1431-1503

368  ##  $d Pope $s 1492 $t 1503

100  0#  $a Jane Seymour, $c Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, $d 1509?-1537

368  ##  $d Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England

100  0#  $a Jeanne Marie, $c sœur, $d 1926-2013

368  ##  $d sœur

100  1#  $a Walsh, Joseph-Alexis, $c vicomte, $d 1782-1860

368  ##  $d vicomte


In choosing between repeating a field vs. repeating a subfield:  If the only addition to an existing field is an additional term from the same vocabulary, repeat the affected subfield.  If the vocabulary source differs, or if another associated element differs (such as a range of dates), repeat the field.  Overall best practice:  repeat the field when needed for clarity.


368  ##  $c Saints $2 lcsh

368  ##  $d Metropolitan of Rostov

[One 368 uses a controlled vocabulary term and the other does not.]

Subfield $s - Start period and Subfield $t - End period:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $s and subfield $t provided in the 373 field (DCM Z1).

Subfield $u - Uniform Resource Identifier and Subfield $v - Source of information:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $u and subfield $v provided in the 046 field (DCM Z1).

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