DCM Z1:  373  Associated Group


Prefer a controlled vocabulary, such as the LC/NACO Authority File, recording the source in subfield $2.  Subfield coding for subordinate bodies is not used in the 373 field.


Corporate name in LC/NAF:

110  2#  $a Washington Wizards (Basketball team)

Authorized access point in 373:

373  ##  $a Washington Wizards (Basketball team) $2 naf

Corporate name in LC/NAF:

110  1#  $a United States. $b Congress. $b Senate

Authorized access point in 373:

373  ##  $a United States. Congress. Senate $2 naf


In choosing between repeating a field and repeating a subfield:  If the only addition to an existing field is an additional term from the same vocabulary, repeat the subfield.  If the vocabulary source differs, or if another associated element differs (such as a range of dates), repeat the field.  Overall best practice:  repeat the field when needed for clarity.


NAR with 373s with subfield $2 and dates:

373  ##  $a Chicago Bulls (Basketball team) $2 naf $s 1984 $t 1993

373  ##  $a Chicago Bulls (Basketball team) $2 naf $s 1995 $t 1998

373  ##  $a Washington Wizards (Basketball team) $2 naf $s 2001 $t 2003

NAR with 373s with different vocabulary sources:

373  ##  $a Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Liaison Branch $2 lacnaf

373  ##  $a Buffalo State College $2 naf

Subfield $s - Start period and Subfield $t - End period:

Best practice:  Although the MARC format does not specify a form of date in these subfields, the following practice is recommended for consistency.  Input dates using the Gregorian calendar in the form yyyy.  If more specific dates are necessary, consider recording them in another field (e.g., 670, 678).  It is not necessary to reformulate dates in existing NARs to conform to this practice.

Subfield $u - Uniform Resource Identifier and Subfield $v - Source of information:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $u and subfield $v provided in the 046 field (DCM Z1).

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