Entities always established according to subject cataloging guidelines (SHM); the authority record resides either in the subject or name authority file.

N.B.  This section of the DCM is given primarily for information:  The responsibility for establishing and maintaining Group 2 headings rests entirely with those performing subject cataloging.  See Subject Headings Manual, H 405.

3.1.  Characteristics

The entities in this group reside in the subject authority file when they are established and used only for subject cataloging purposes.  Entities tagged 110 and some tagged 151 are also candidates for descriptive cataloging use as the need arises.  If the entity needed for descriptive cataloging is already established in the subject authority file, the subject record is cancelled and a name authority record is created.  Regardless of whether an entity originally existed in the subject authority file, the 1XX in the LC/NAF should be constructed according to RDA instructions, but will also reflect subject cataloging policy as provided in the SHM, the most noteworthy aspects are the following:

a.   The 4XX structure reflects subject cataloging practice.

b.   Most access points will contain local place-name qualifiers.

c.   Records residing in the name authority file will also contain a 667 field with the notation:  Subject Headings Manual/RDA.  This notation is intended to characterize the record and to provide a quick and easy means of indicating that maintenance of the record is the responsibility of PSD.  Catalogers should then refer changes to PSD, rather than initiating the changes themselves.

3.2.  Use of these access points in descriptive cataloging

Note the following:

a.   If the authority record is in the subject authority file but not represented in the name authority file, make a name authority record according to the guidelines described in Section 3.1.  Send printouts of the name and subject authority records to PSD for review and cancellation of the subject authority record.

b.   If the entity is represented in the name authority file and coded RDA, use that form whether or not it conforms to the characteristics described above in 3.1.  If a need to change to the authorized access point is prompted by the item being cataloged refer the matter to PSD.

c.   If the entity is represented in the name authority file but not coded for RDA, refer the matter to PSD for evaluation and possible change and related actions.

d.   If the entity is not represented in an authority file, establish it in the name authority file according to the guidelines in the SHM and Section 3.1 of this document.

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