DCM Z1:  008/11  Subject heading system/thesaurus


When applying RDA Chapter 10 for family names, assure that the NAR 008/11 code is set to "n."

Corporate names for high government and religious officials:

Assign value "n" (Not applicable) to name authority records for corporate names representing the office held for Heads of state, heads of governments, etc., International intergovernmental bodies, Religious officials, and Popes when the name of the incumbent is included as part of the authorized access point.  Also assign value "b" in 008/15, and make a 667 note indicating the form of the access point used in subject cataloging.

Examples of corporate names not appropriate for use as subject headings:

United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)

Iran. Shah (1941-1979 : Mohammed Reza Pahlavi)

Illinois. Governor (1973-1977 : Walker)

Catholic Church. Pope (1958-1963) : John XXIII)

Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1675-1713 : Compton)

See also DCM Z1 008/15 and the DCM Z1 667 section "NARs and subject usage."

Follow these guidelines for newly-created NARs.  Make these changes also when modifying existing name authority records for any reason.

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