DCM Z1:  500  See Also From Tracing - Personal Name


LC/PCC catalogers may use subfield $i (Relationship information) with subfield $w coded "r" when providing relationship links between a personal name and 1) the name of another person, family, or corporate body or 2) the authorized access point for a work or expression.  This technique may also be used to relate authorized access points for works and expressions containing personal names.  When using a term from Appendix I, J or K in subfield $i, use a capital letter for the first letter of the term and follow the term with a colon.


130  #0  $a Yentl (Motion picture)

500  1#  $w r $i Film director: $a Streisand, Barbra

100  1#  $a Alcott, Louisa May, $d 1832-1888. $t Little men

500  1#  $w r $i Sequel to: $a Alcott, Louisa May, $d 1832-1888. $t Little women

When recording pseudonymous relationships for personal names when only two authority records are involved, LC/PCC catalogers may either 1) use subfield $i and code "r" in subfield $w or 2) use simple see also references.  For more information on these techniques and instructions on recording multiple pseudonyms (i.e., those involving a 663 field), see the FAQ - LC/PCC RDA Practice for Creating NARs for Persons Who Use Pseudonyms available at:  http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/pseud.pdf.

LC/PCC catalogers are reminded that when a variant name (400) and an authorized access point (100) are in conflict, an addition should be made to either the 400 or 100 to resolve the conflict (e.g., fuller form of name, date of activity, etc.); the previous practice of changing the 400 to a 500 to resolve the conflict is no longer an option.  When catalogers encounter a variant form in a 500 field in the course of updating a NAR, they should resolve the conflict and change the field to a 400.


LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

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