DCM Z1:  382  Medium of Performance


Best practice:  Record the medium of performance using terms from the Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus, accessible via Classification Web and LC Linked Data Service.  Record the medium of performance by applying the instructions at RDA with the following additional guidelines:


a.   Record the name of the instrument or voice in the singular, followed by the numeral in $n.  Numbers in subfield $n should not be enclosed in parentheses.

b.   When recording doubling or alternative instruments, use one $n with each instance of $a, $d, and $p terms.  For example, in a work for solo flute, doubling piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute:

382  ##  $a flute $n 1 $d piccolo $n 1 $d alto flute $n 1 $d bass flute $n 1 $s 1

c.   If the medium includes an uncertain number of performers, do not include $n.  If the medium term is that of a group, e.g., orchestra, jazz ensemble, etc., include in subsequent subfield $n the number of ensembles.  For example, $a orchestra $n 1.

d.   Employ the term "percussion" unless cataloger judgment dictates the need for greater detail.

2.   If a song, Lied, etc. is not in a "popular" idiom, record the term for the solo voice and the names of all accompanying instrument(s) or the large ensemble name, even if the accompanying instrument is implicit in the preferred title.  Do not follow with the word accompaniment.  If the solo voice is accompanied by multiple solo instruments or a large ensemble, record the voice in $b and the accompaniment in $a; otherwise, record both in $a.

3.   Do not omit the terms alto, tenor, bass, etc., in $a, $b, $d, or $p (do not apply the Optional Omission at paragraph b, BUT do apply Exception d in access points).

4.   If considered important, record the key of the instrument in $v (do not apply the Optional Omission at paragraph a, BUT do apply Exception d in access points).

5.   Alternative instruments may be recorded in one of two ways:

a.   Using a single 382 field:  Record alternative instruments (see in $p following the appropriate $a, $b, or $d, according to cataloger's judgment.  Include a $n following each $p.

b.   Using two 382 fields:  Record initial 382 field for initial medium of performance.  For alternate mediums, use a secondary 382 field, being sure to record alternative instruments in $p.

6.   Record doubling instrument(s) in $d following the appropriate $a, according to cataloger's judgment.

7.   Subfield $s will not be used when the medium includes terms for indefinitely populated ensembles, e.g. orchestra, jazz ensemble, rock band, etc.

8.   Record the complete medium of performance for a single work in a single 382 field.

9.   Optionally, supply medium of performance in expression authority records.

If considered important for identification and access, provide an additional 382 that does not apply these guidelines.

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