DCM Z1:  372  Field of Activity


Prefer controlled vocabulary, such as LCSH or MeSH, recording the source in subfield $2.  For consistency, capitalize the first term in each subfield $a.

If using a LCSH subject heading string for field of activity, replace the subfield coding for the subdivision(s) with two hyphens and close up the spaces between the main heading and subdivision(s).


372  ##  $a Japan--History $2 lcsh

If using an entity from the LC/NAF for field of activity, remove any subfield coding not authorized for use in the 372 field.


Authorized access point in LC/NAF:

130  #0  $a Bible. $p New Testament

Field of activity in 372:

372  ##  $a Bible. New Testament $2 naf


In choosing between repeating a field vs. repeating a subfield:  If the only addition to an existing field is an additional term from the same vocabulary, repeat the affected subfield.  If the vocabulary source differs, or if another associated element differs (such as a range of dates), repeat the field.  Overall best practice:  repeat the field when needed for clarity.


372  ##  $a Poetry $2 lcsh

372  ##  $a Craft brewing

[372 fields with a term from LCSH and a non-controlled vocabulary term.]

Subfield $s - Start period and Subfield $t - End period:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $s and subfield $t provided in the 373 field (DCM Z1).

Subfield $u - Uniform Resource Identifier and Subfield $v - Source of information:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $u and subfield $v provided in the 046 field (DCM Z1).

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