DCM Z1:  X00  Personal Names -- First Indicator Value for Surnames

LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

PCC series practice:  Transcription of the series statement is mandatory if applicable.  Searching for series authority records, tracing the series, and the creation and maintenance of series authority records are optional.

In 1996, the first indicator value 2 (Multiple surname) in X00 fields in MARC 21 was made obsolete.  Value 1 (Single surname) was redefined as "surname" to be used for headings with either single or multiple surnames.  At the time value 2 was made obsolete, various factors contributed to a delay in implementation, including the installation of the LC ILS.  (By exception, the change was implemented by the British Library and three NACO libraries (National Library of Scotland, Cambridge, and Oxford) linked with the BL in a UK cooperative called the Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloguing Programme (CLSC), and the UK's National Art Library.  Authority records contributed by the Dance Heritage Coalition also contained the change.)  Although LC and the rest of NACO began implementing the change on January 1, 2000, OCLC subsequently converted all name authority records with first indicator value 2 in authority fields 100, 400, and 500 later that year.

LC practice for bibliographic records:

The implementation of the indicator change in corresponding bibliographic records has been treated independently, i.e., there has been no attempt to keep authority and bibliographic records in synchronization.  Although value 2 has been removed from all authority records, it remains in many bibliographic records.

The following guidelines apply to the treatment of fields 100, 400, 600, 700, and 800 in bibliographic records:

1.   Newly created bibliographic records.  Discontinue using value 2 in newly created authority and bibliographic records.

2.   Existing bibliographic records.  Limit changes to those encountered in regular work, i.e., do not look for changes in the indicator value per se; but, if changing the record for another reason, change the value 2 to 1 in all candidate fields as needed.

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