DCM Z1:  377  Associated Language


Prefer language codes over language terms, using codes from the MARC Code List for Languages (also available at:  http://www.loc.gov/marc/languages/langhome.html) as the source for language codes.  Use subfield $l (Language term) only to provide information not available in the MARC Code List for Languages.  Encode multiple languages for a person or corporate body only if more than one language is used for publication, communication, etc.

Subfield $2 - Source of code:

Subfield $2 is not required when the MARC Code List for Languages is used as the language source code (second indicator value "#").  NACO institutions may supply an additional 377 field from another language code list by using second indicator value "7," with subfield $2 containing a code for a language source list taken from the list of MARC-registered language lists in Language Code and Term Source Codes (also available at:  http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/language.html).


377  ##  $a myn

377  #7  $a acr $2 iso639-3

[ISO 639-3 code for Achi (acr); assigned a collective code (myn) for Mayan languages in the MARC Code List for Languages.]

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