DCM Z1:  643  Series Place and Publisher/Issuing Body

LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

PCC series practice:  Transcription of the series statement is mandatory if applicable.  Searching for series authority records, tracing the series, and the creation and maintenance of series authority records are optional.

Give the information in the 643 field as found in subfields $a and $b of the 260/264 field of the bibliographic record for the analytic (or, in situations when there will not be an analytic, the way it would be found if an analytic existed).  If you are using "cut and paste" or an automated authority generation program, it isn't necessary in the 643 field to delete an address or brackets included from the 260/264 field.  However, do not use the form from 260 $b if AACR2 1.4D4 was applied to shorten the name given in 260 $b.

Generally, ignore changes of place if there is no change in publisher.

When recording the place of origin of the work, use field 370.

If the difference in publishers represents alternate rather than successive publishers, give each publisher in its own 643, using "some issues" in subfield $d in each 643 field.

If there are more than two changes of publisher, either give all of the changes in separate 643 fields or use only one 643 field belonging to the volume cited in the first 670 field and give a 667 note.  (See DCM Z1 667 section "SARs.")

Generally, use "some issues" when a subfield $d is needed for unnumbered series or multipart items unless a span of dates is readily available.

Give "643 $a Various places $b various publishers" as the 643 field for an undifferentiated phrase record.  (See DCM Z1 Introduction for more information about these records.)

When reestablishing a series, generally ignore changes in place or publisher occurring previous to AACR2.  If there is information (e.g., from analytic records or from item in hand) that the place and/or publisher for some or all of the analytics is different from that of item being cited in the 670 field, record in the 643 field only the place and the publisher of that item.  Record the designation of that item in the subfield $d of the 643.

When creating an SAR for a republication only, indicate the type of republication in subfield $d.  Use "photo-offset reprint" for a photoreproduction; for other republications use an appropriate term, e.g., "microfilm," "large-print edition."  Do not include a 643 field for the producer of the republication if the SAR covers both the original and one or more republications.  Do not add additional 643 fields for other types of republications cataloged later.  (See DCM Z1 64X section "Republications" for more information.)

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