DCM Z1:  673  Title Not Related to the Entity


The 673 field may be used to record a title that is not related to the entity represented by the 100, 110, 111, or 151 in the name authority record.  For example, in an authority record for a person, the 673 may be used to record the titles of works written by a different person with a similar name.  The primary purpose of the 673 field is to document that there is no relationship between the 1XX entity and the title recorded in the 673 field.

Use of the 673 field does not negate the need to use the 675 field as described in the 675 section of DCM Z1.

New 673 fields may be added after existing ones to record additional titles associated with the entity.  Do not routinely delete or change existing 673 fields when inputting new 673 fields.

Non-Latin script elements should be given in romanized form.

A title recorded in a 673 field in subfield $a may be a title proper, title proper of series, preferred title, etc.  Titles should be recorded following the appropriate RDA and LC-PCC PS instructions for that element.  Apply the same instructions on non-filing characters in the 245 field to record the number of non-filing characters in the second indicator of the 673 field.  For specific subfields in the 673 field, apply the same instructions given in the 672 section of DCM Z1.


[in $w "#" = space input by cataloger]

100  1#  $a Carey, Jacqueline, $d 1964-

673  #4  $a The Crossley baby $f 2008

[Title proper associated with different Jacqueline Carey.]

110  2#  $a National Gallery of Art (U.S.)

673  #0  $a Paintings and drawings on the backs of National Gallery pictures $w (DLC)### 47008205 $w (OCoLC)1654530

[Title proper associated with the National Gallery of London.]


110  2#  $a National Gallery of Art (U.S.)

673  #4  $a Impressed by light : $b British photographs from paper negatives, 1840-1860

[Although the National Gallery of Art is not the creator, it is the publisher, so this title should be recorded in a 672.]

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