DCM Z1:  675  Source Data Not Found

In April 2012 this field was redefined as:  "Citation for a consulted source in which no information is found related in any manner to the entity represented by the authority record or related entities."  LC/PCC catalogers are not required to change any existing 675 fields simply to meet this new definition.

When creating a new NAR always cite the resource being cataloged in the 675 field if the item being cataloged provides no information related in any manner to the entity represented in the authority record.  Also cite in the 675 field other sources consulted that contain no information, when that very lack of information is considered worth recording for future users of the authority record.


675  ##  $a Oxford classical dictionary, 1996

675  ##  $a GEOnet, viewed April 2, 2014

However, it is not always necessary to include in the 675 field every reference source consulted; use judgment in deciding what sources are important enough to retain in the permanent record.

LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

PCC series practice:  The PCC Policy Committee has announced that the PCC series policy remains unchanged.

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