DCM Z1:  100  Heading - Personal Name

Family names:

When following RDA Chapter 10, LC/NACO catalogers will use first indicator 3 when creating NARs and SARs for family names.  008/11 should be set to value "n" and 008/15 should be set to "b".

Per LCPS 10.0, when creating family names add a 667 noting subject usage:

667  ##  $a SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject; use a family name heading from LCSH.

Subfield $g - Miscellaneous information:

When giving the name of the prominent member of the family in subfield $g, give the form for the person as found in the NAR for the person.  Do not include any internal subfield coding in subfield $g.

Order of subfields in 100 field:

There is no prescribed MARC order for the subfields beyond subfield $a in the X00 fields.  RDA provides guidance for the placement of words indicating relationship (e.g., Jr.) and MARC defines subfield $q as "fuller form of name."  When providing multiple additions to the name generally follow these guidelines:

1.   Subfield $d (date) should always be the last element in a 100 string unless the term (Spirit) is being added to the name.  Add $c (Spirit) as the last element in a 100 string.


100  0#  $a Elizabeth $b I, $c Queen of England, $d 1533-1603 $c (Spirit)

2.   Generally add subfield $c before subfield $q when also adding words, numerals, etc. indicating relationship.  (See RDA for treatment of Portuguese names.)


100  1#  $a McCauley, Robert H., $c Jr. $q (Robert Henry), $d 1913-1979


100  0#  $a M. Alicia $q (Mary Alicia), $c Sister, S.C.N.

3.   For exceptional situations, such as when subfield $a contains only a surname or only a forename or the name includes a prefix, etc. consult LC-PCC PS 1.7.1, section Access points for persons in name authority and bibliographic records, paragraph 3c.


LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

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