DCM Z1:  040  Cataloging Source

LC/PCC catalogers should consult the PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines at:  http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/PCC%20Post%20RDA%20Test%20Guidelines.html for instructions on using RDA and/or AACR2 in new and existing authority records.

Subfield $b - Language of cataloging:

Add subfield $b "eng" when otherwise modifying NARs or SARs that do not contain this subfield.

Subfield $d -Modifying agency:

Add subfield $d [MARC 21 code] when modifying NARs or SARs unless your institution's is already the last MARC subfield $d in the 040 field.

Subfield $e - Description conventions:

When adding the subfield $e manually, add it after subfield $b and before $c.  It is not necessary to move the subfield $e to this position if it is already present elsewhere in the NAR or if it is added by a macro or template.  Use subfield $e "rda" in NARs and SARs when fixed field 008/10 (Descriptive cataloging rules) is set to "z" (Other).

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