DCM Z1:  510  See Also From Tracing - Corporate Name


Until a decision is reached by the PCC Policy Committee on the use of relationship designators in authority records, LC/PCC catalogers may continue to use the subfield $w codes "a" (earlier) and "b" (later) or optionally use the appropriate relationship designators from Appendix K to provide relationship links between corporate entities.

LC/PCC catalogers may use subfield $i (Relationship information) with subfield $w coded "r" when providing relationship links between corporate entities and 1) the names of other persons, families, or corporate bodies or 2) authorized access points for works or expressions.  This technique may also be used to relate authorized access points for works and expressions containing corporate names.  When using a term from Appendix I, J or K in subfield $i, use a capital letter for the first letter of the term and follow the term with a colon.

Catalogers should use judgment in making reciprocal 5XXs.  For instance in the case of employer to employee relationship if a 510 see also tracing is added to the personal name NAR (100), it is not necessary to add a 500 see also tracing to the NAR for the corporate name (110).


LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

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