DCM Z1:  7XX  Heading Linking Entries - General Information

LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

PCC series practice:  The PCC Policy Committee has announced that the PCC series policy remains unchanged.


The use of this field in NARs or SARs is limited to recording the authorized form of name from a national bibliography.  The purpose of including a 7XX in an NAR or SAR is usually to allow a National Bibliographic Agency (NBA) to retain its preferred form of name in its own bibliographic database, while still contributing name authority records to the national authority file (NAF) under NACO standards.


Use the appropriate first indicator.  Use second indicator value 7 (the value most appropriate for this application of the 7XX field).

Subfield $2:

A 7XX field with second indicator value 7 must contain a subfield $2 and a code to identify the source of the heading.

A NBA, such as a national library or other agency responsible for maintaining a national bibliography, must apply to the LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO) to obtain a code which will become part of the Source Codes for Vocabularies, Rules, and Schemes.  Information on the process of applying for codes is available from NDMSO at ndmso@loc.gov.

MARC 21 model:  7XX for alternate authorized form of name:

Consult the LC Cooperative Cataloging Team before including 7XX fields in NARs or SARs.

Initially, the 7XX model will be limited to records created by NBAs and under certain conditions by designated NACO contributors authorized by the NBA from within the same geographic jurisdiction, for the sole purpose of recording the form of heading used in its national bibliography.

NACO contributors from within the same geographic jurisdiction as the NBA that wish to create or modify 7XX headings should request permission directly from the NBA that controls the national bibliography.  These arrangements are to be made between the NBA and the individual institutions and will not be administered by the PCC or the Library of Congress; nonetheless, the NBA is expected to notify the Cooperative Cataloging Team when making these agreements and provide a list of libraries authorized to create or modify 7XX fields.  The responsibility for applying for a subfield $2 code resides with the NBA; once the proper code is identified, it should be used as needed in 7XX fields input by any library.

This policy will be evaluated after a sufficient period of using the 7XX approach, but not sooner than a year.

Guidelines for including 7XX and subfield $2 in an authority record:

A NBA or a NBA-designated NACO library may include an alternate authorized form in a new or extant NACO record in the 7XX field as defined by the MARC 21 Authority Format and NACO guidelines:

The NBA should consult with the Cooperative Cataloging Team before using 7XX fields in name or series authority records.

The 7XX must include a subfield $2 code to identify the NBA's authority file as the source of the 7XX.  The source code should be requested from the LC NDMSO by the appropriate national library or NBA.

A 7XX heading in a NACO record may be modified only by the NBA and/or a NBA-designated NACO library.

The NBA and/or NBA-designated NACO library contributing the 7XX form is responsible for any maintenance to the NAR if the form of name authorized by the NBA changes.

The NBA is advised to consider the impact of 7XX fields on its internally-used system (e.g., indexing, record maintenance) and consult with its system vendor prior to using 7XX fields.

Sample record:

1XX  __  $a [Authorized NACO RDA form]

4XX  __  $a [Variant form]

670  ##  $a [Citation] $b t.p. ([Usage for 1XX]) p. 5 ([Usage for 4XX])

7XX  17  $a [Alternate authorized form] $2 [Source code]

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