DCM Z1:  378  Fuller Form of Personal Name


Best practice:  Encode the fuller form of name in the 378 field when this information is readily available, even if the same information is already present in the 100 field.


100  1#  $a Lennon, John, $d 1940-1980

378  ##  $q John Winston

100  1#  $a Eliot, T. S. $q (Thomas Stearns), $d 1888-1965

378  ##  $q Thomas Stearns

100  1#  $a Guiles, Kay D.

378  ##  $q Kay Dean

Subfield $u - Uniform Resource Identifier and Subfield $v - Source of information:

Follow the LC/PCC practice for subfield $u and subfield $v provided in the 046 field (DCM Z1).

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DCM Z1:  Introduction