DCM Z1:  380  Form of Work


Prefer a controlled vocabulary, such as LCSH, LCGFT, or MeSH, recording the source in subfield $2.  For consistency, capitalize the first term in each subfield $a.  When terms do not come from a controlled vocabulary, use a singular form.


In choosing between repeating a field vs. repeating a subfield:  If the only addition to an existing field is an additional term from the same vocabulary, repeat the affected subfield.  If the vocabulary source differs, repeat the field.  Overall best practice:  repeat the field when needed for clarity.


100  1#  $a Picasso, Pablo, $d 1881-1973. $t Gertrude Stein

380  ##  $a Portraits $a Paintings (visual works) $2 aat

100  1#  $a Shakespeare, William, $d 1564-1616. $t Hamlet

380  ##  $a Plays $2 rbgenr

380  ##  $a Tragedy $2 lcsh


For instructions on recording form of work as an element in a work-level series authority record, see LC-PCC PS

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