DCM Z1:  953  Local Staff Codes

LC series practice:  As of June 1, 2006, LC does not create or update SARs.

As of November 20, 2012, this local LC field is not actively applied.

Content designation:


Both indicators are undefined.

Subfield codes:

$a Code of staff creating record

$b Code of staff modifying record


This is a local LC field.

This field is not repeatable.

This field contains the cataloger codes of LC staff creating or modifying the record in the LC Database.  This field is added or updated only by catalogers working in the LC Database.

When creating a new record, input your cataloger's code in 953 $a.  When revising a record that has a 953 field, add or adjust the code in 953 $b; if there is an existing code in 953 $b, replace it with your own code.  When revising a record that does not already have a 953 field, add only a 953 $b; do not "make up" a 953 $a.

Input codes as four characters:  two lowercase letters and two numerals, e.g., ta18.

During the conversion from MUMS, data in MUMS fixed field box 25 was transferred to 953 $a and data in MUMS fixed field box 26 was transferred to 953 $b.  If there was no data in MUMS fixed field box 25, a "dummy" code of xx00 was generated in 953 $a.

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