Character position definition and scope:

A one-character alphabetic code that indicates whether the personal name in a name or name/title heading contained in field 100 in an established heading record or a reference record is used by one person or by two or more persons.  Code n is used if the 1XX heading is not a personal name or if the personal name is a family name (field 100, first indicator value 3).

If neither dates nor distinguishing terms are available to differentiate between two or more identical names, the same heading is used for all persons with the same name.  In a single authority record, field 670 (Source Data Found) may contain a descriptive term for each person consisting of the title of the work cataloged and the person's relationship to it, e.g., [Author of Speciall Newes from Ireland].

The fill character ( | ) is used when no attempt has been made to code this 008 position.

National Level Requirement for character position 008/32:  Mandatory; for codes below:  Mandatory if applicable.

Guidelines for applying content designators:




Differentiated personal name


Undifferentiated personal name


Not applicable


No attempt to code

LC Guidelines:

 008/32  Undifferentiated personal name

DCM Z1 Instructions:

 008/32  Undifferentiated personal name

Related MARC field or document:

670  Source Data Found

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008  Fixed-Length Data Elements

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