Definition and scope:

General notes are contained in field 667 (Nonpublic General Note) or 680 (Public General Note).  The remaining 667-68X fields are used for specialized information.  Except for fields 678 and 680, these notes often are not written in a form adequate for public display.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), National level requirements, field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 667-68X fields, select from the list below:

667  Nonpublic General Note  (R)

670  Source Data Found  (R)

672  Title Related to the Entity  (R)

673  Title Not Related to the Entity  (R)

675  Source Data Not Found  (NR)

677  Definition  (R)

678  Biographical or Historical Data  (R)

680  Public General Note  (R)

681  Subject Example Tracing Note  (R)

682  Deleted Heading Information  (NR)

688  Application History Note  (R)

Content designator history:

668  Note - Characters in Nonroman Alphabets  [obsolete]  [USMARC only]

671  Note - Work Catalogued (Names/Titles)  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

672  Title Related to the Entity  [new, 2013]

673  Title Not Related to the Entity  [new, 2013]

676  Note - Cataloging Rules (Names/Titles)  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

677  Definition  [new, 2016]

685  Note - Source Data Found (Subjects)  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

686  Note - Source Data Not Found (Subjects)  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

687  Note - Usage (Subjects)  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

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