Character position definition and scope:

The Punctuation policy character position contains a one-character alphanumeric code that designates the punctuation policy followed in the headings and tracings fields.

The code refers only to end of field and end of subfield punctuation, and not to internal punctuation.

National Level Requirement for Leader/18:  Mandatory.  For either code used in Leader/18, National Level Requirement is Mandatory if applicable.


Punctuation policy description:


No information provided  Indicates that no information is provided as to the punctuation practices followed in headings and tracings fields.


Punctuation omitted  Indicates that the headings and tracings fields do not contain punctuation.


Punctuation included  Indicates that the headings and tracings fields contain punctuation.


Unknown  Indicates that it is unknown whether the headings and tracings fields contain punctuation.

Content designator history:

Leader/18  Punctuation policy  [new, 2016]

# - No information provided  [new, 2016]

c - Punctuation omitted  [new, 2016]

i  - Punctuation included  [new, 2016]

u - Unknown  [new, 2016]

LC Guidelines:

 Leader/18  Punctuation policy

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