In addition to the information in Organization of the MARC Format Documents, the following applies specifically to the Authority Format.

The X-- General Information section is provided for types of headings (X00 Personal Names; X10 Corporate Names; X11 Meeting Names; X30 Uniform Titles; X48 Chronological Terms; X50 Topical Terms; X51 Geographic Names; X55 Genre/Form Terms; X80 General Subdivisions; X81 Geographic Subdivisions; X82 Chronological Subdivisions; X85 Form Subdivisions).  These general information sections provide instructions for the content designators that are common to each type of personal heading whether it is used in a 1XX heading, 4XX see from tracing or 5XX see also from tracing field, or a 7XX heading linking entry field.  The description for each of the individual fields (i.e., 100, 400, 500, 700) refers back to the X-- General Information section for that type of heading.

A Tracings and References - General Information section describes the use of the tracing fields (4XX and 5XX fields) and the various reference note fields (field 260, 360, and fields 663-666) in constructing displays of cross references from these fields.  It also provides instructions for applying subfields $i (Relationship information) and subfield $w (Control subfield) in the 4XX and 5XX fields.  The description for each of the reference note fields contains the detailed instructions for the content designators for the field.  Reference is made to the Tracings and References - General Information section only for cross reference display descriptions.  Descriptions for the 4XX and 5Xx fields refer to both the related X-- General Information section and the Tracing and reference fields section for content designator instructions.

A 7XX Heading Linking Entries - General Information section describes the use of the linking fields and provides instructions for applying the second indicator (Subject heading system/thesaurus) and subfield $0 (Record control number), subfield $w (Control subfield), subfield $2 (Source of heading or term), and subfield $8 (Field link and sequence number).  The individual descriptions for fields 700-785 list all of the content designators for each field and refer to both the general information section for the corresponding type of heading and to the 7XX general information section for application guidelines.  The first indicator position and all of the subfield codes for field 788 (Complex Linking Entry Data) are fully described in the field 788 description.

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