The following describes how the 007 field is used in bibliographic records for the different Types of material and their related Categories of material:

Books records:  used for microforms and for textual material.

Computer files records:  used for unspecified computer files physical forms.

Maps records:  used to describe maps, globes, maps in microform, and unspecified maps physical forms.

Music records:  used for music in microform, sound recordings, and unspecified musical physical forms.

Serials records:  used for microforms and for textual material.

Visual materials records:  used for projected and nonprojected graphics, videorecordings, microforms, motion pictures, and unspecified visual materials physical forms.  It is also used for component parts of a kit that are any of the preceding media and to describe a textual item, sound recording, map, globe, and/or unspecified physical media when part of a kit.  In such instances, the specifications for text, sound recordings, maps, globes, and unspecified are used, respectively.

Mixed materials records:  used when part of an item is microforms, textual material, or other unspecified physical forms.

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007/00:  Category of material

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