Character position definition and scope:

One-character alphabetic codes identify some of the special format characteristics of a map.  Up to two codes may be recorded.  Codes are recorded in order of their importance to the described item, with the code for the most important special format characteristic given first.  If only one code is assigned, it is left justified and the unused position contains a # (blank).  If more than two characteristics are appropriate, only the two most important are recorded.  Two fill characters ( || ) are used when no attempt has been made to code these character positions.

Record requirements for National-level records:  Mandatory; for Minimal-level records:  Optional.

Guidelines for applying content designators:




No specified special format characteristics


Manuscript  Item is drawn or fashioned by hand.


Picture card, post card  Item is a picture or post card.


Calendar  Item also functions as a calendar.


Puzzle  Item's image may be disassembled into pieces and reassembled.


Game  Item is intended to be used as or is part of a game.


Wall map


Playing cards  Item is in the form of playing cards.


Loose-leaf  Item consists of separate leaves intended to be stored in a binder or case.  Loose-leaf items are often meant to be updated.


Other  Special format characteristics for which none of the other defined codes are appropriate.


No attempt to code

Content designator history:

In 1982, the following codes were made obsolete when field 007 was defined for cartographic materials:  a (Photocopy, blue line print), b (Photocopy), c (Negative photocopy), d (Film negative), f (Facsimile), and g (Relief model).

Code h (Rare) was made obsolete in 1982.  It was defined for LC usage and is now considered local information.

In 1998, codes m (Braille) and q (Large print) were made obsolete when 008/29 (Form of item) was defined for maps.

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