Definition and scope:

Fields 700-730 contain added entries that provide additional access to a bibliographic record from names and/or titles having various relationships to a work.  Added entries are made for persons, corporate bodies, and meetings having some form of responsibility for the creation of the work, including intellectual and publishing responsibilities.  Also included are added entries for other titles under authority control related to the work for which the record is made, such as other editions, etc.

Field 740 contains a title not under authority control for a part of the item being cataloged, or a related item.  Added entries are assigned to records for persons, corporate bodies, meetings, and titles which are not given access through subject or series entries.  Fields 752-754 provide for access to an item through other aspects of its content or description.

Added entry fields are not used as often in bibliographic records for materials under archival control as they are for materials under other types of control.  In archival control, greater use is made of the 6XX fields for access.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), National level requirements, field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 700 - 75X fields, select from the list below:

700  Added Entry - Personal Name  (R)

710  Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R)

711  Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R)

720  Added Entry - Uncontrolled Name  (R)

730  Added Entry - Uniform Title  (R)

740  Added Entry - Uncontrolled Related/Analytical Title  (R)

751  Added Entry - Geographic Name  (R)

752  Added Entry - Hierarchical Place Name  (R)

753  System Details Access to Computer Files  (R)

754  Added Entry - Taxonomic Identification  (R)

758  Resource Identifier  (R)

Content designator history:

705  Added Entry - Personal Name (Performer)  (MU)  [obsolete, 1980]  [USMARC only]

715  Added Entry - Corporate Name (Performing Group)  (MU)  [obsolete, 1980]  [USMARC only]

751  Geographic Name/Area Name Entry  [obsolete]  [CAN/MARC only]

751  Added Entry - Geographic Name  [new, 2007]

755  Added Entry - Physical Characteristics  [obsolete, 1995]

758  Resource Identifier  [new, 2017]

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