Field Repeatability:  (033 Date/Time and Place of an Event - Input Conventions)

Collection of works

If the record is of a collection of works and their dates and places of recording are not listed individually in field 518, all information about the date(s) and place(s) are recorded in a single field 033.


518  ##  $aRecorded 1976-1978 principally in the Broadcasting House Concert Hall or the New Gallery, London.

033  20  $a1976----$a1978----$b5754$cL7

More than one work

If the recording contains more than one work, and the individual works were captured on different dates and/or in different locations, the information for each work or group of works is recorded in a separate field 033.


518  ##  $aRecorded Oct. 1979 during performances at Amerika Haus, Munich, and the Limmalthaus, Zurich.

033  00  $a197910--$b6299$cM8

033  00  $a197910--$b6044$cZ8

518  ##  $aRecorded Aug. 1-2 (Finzi) and Nov. 28-29 (Stanford) 1979 in Henry Wood Hall, London.

033  10  $a19790801$a19790802$b5754$cL7

033  10  $a19791128$a19791129$b5754$cL7

033  10  $a19770115$a19770210$b3824$cP5$b3804$cN4

033  20  $a19710607$a19710614$b3804$cN4:2C3

[A videorecording containing two works, one of which was captured in Philadelphia and New York on January 15 and February 10, 1977, and one of which was filmed during the week of June 7, 1971 in New York at Carnegie Hall.]


If an item is recorded or filmed on one date and broadcast on another date, the information for each event is recorded in a separate field 033.


033  00  $a19870705

033  01  $a198709272000-0400$a198712292200-0500

[A videorecording that was filmed on July 5, 1987 and broadcast on television on September 27, 1987 at 8:00 p.m. (EST).  It was rebroadcast on December 29 at 10:00 p.m. (EST).  The Time Differential Factor differs because one time involved daylight savings time; the other, standard time.]

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